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About The Actor's Journey DVD Program

A professional acting career is comprised of two components: Acting and Business.
The Actor's Journey is NOT about acting or craft!  The Actor's Journey is focused on teaching the industry related BUSINESS and CAREER DEVELOPMENT SKILLS that enable actors to break into the mainstream of the entertainment industry and establish viable careers.  
The goal of The Actor's Journey is to educate actors at the beginning of their careers - long before mistakes are made and uninformed decisions negatively impact or de-rail potential careers.
Actors have struggled with learning the Business and Career Development side of their careers since time-in-memorial.  Learning "acting" is fun, exhilerating and structured. Learning the "business" side of an acting career is frustrating, time consuming and elusive.  Complicating the matter is the fact that the colleges, universities and acting schools that do such a wonderful job training actors the art and craft of acting DO NOT teach actors the Business information and Career Development Skills required to launch, advance and sustain successful careers!
How can actors be expected to find the path if there is no one to lead the way?  
That is why The Actor's Journey was created!  The Actor's Journey is a new and highly acclaimed Program taught - not by college professors, acting instructors or drama coaches - but by esteemed and experienced members of the entertainment industry - 100 DISTINGUISHED and AWARD WINNING INDUSTRY VETERANS - whose grasp and knowledge of the Business Side of Acting is consummate. These are professionals have been there, done that... and succeeded.  These are professionals who have spent - not years - but decades working in the mainstream of motion picture and television industries.   


CONVENIENT – THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY® is an 8-Volume - 10 Hour Long DVD Program entirely devoted to teaching actors the Business and Career Development Side of their career.  No matter where an actor lives - Los Angeles, New York - or any city in between – he or she now has easy and complete access to a world-class professional level Program on the Business of Acting.

COMPREHENSIVE – THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY® 8-Volume DVD Program covers 60 Topics directly related to the Business and Career Development aspects of an actor’s career.  No subject is left unexplored.

EXPEDIENT – THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY® DVD Program does not take years, months or even weeks to complete. This highly acclaimed and cutting-edge Program can be completed in just ten hours!

acting teachers
 or drama coaches. THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY® Program is taught by 100 Entertainment Industry Veterans who have been there, done that - and, most importantly... SUCCEEDED *.  These are Pros who have a special perspective on the industry that only decades of down-in-the-trenches experience and success can bring.  These are Professionals who have extensive and verifiable employment histories working in the mainstream of the entertainment industry.  THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY® Program is like having 100 Mentors guiding you and your career every step of the way!
A MULTI-FACETED LEARNING EXPERIENCE –  Get the highly specialized information, knowledge, skills and guidance you need to quickly build career momentum and advance your career from everyone involved in the process – including: directors, producers,  executive producers, show-runners, casting directors, talent agents, talent managers, an amazing cross-section of television and movie stars – as well as Presidents of SAG-AFTRA and The Director’s Guild of America.

SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY – Why spend thousands of dollars and watch the years fly by as you struggle to learn the Business and Career Development Skills needed on your own?  In just ten hours you can cut to the chase and learn the information and skills you need to quickly and confidently take your career to the next level.  
Order THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY® - 8-Volume DVD Program today.
* Over 40 of these industry veterans have been nominated for, or won, Academy®Emmy®, and Golden Globe® and other prestigious industry awards.


"THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY"® - 8-VOLUME DVD PROGRAM (for adult actors - 18 years of age and older).
Learn the Business and Career Development Side of your career  from 100 Distinguished and Award Winning Industry Veterans:
  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Executive Producers
  • Show-Runners
  • Casting Directors
  • Talent Agents
  • Talent Managers
  • An Amazing Cross-Section of Highly Esteemed Actors
  • The Presidents and Board Members of Two of Hollywood's Most Powerful Unions: SAG-AFTRA and The Director's Guild of America.


Volume DVD Program is endorsed by members of the following Guilds, Unions and Associations:
  • The Screen Actor's Guild - American Federation of Television & Recording Artists (SAG-AFTRA)
  • The Actor's Equity Association (AEA)
  • The Director's Guild of America (DGA)
  • The Producer's Guild of America (PGA)
 The "Actor's Journey"® - 8-Volume DVD Program is also endorsed and recommended by:
  • The American Library Association (Editor's Choice - ALA's BOOKLIST Magazine Trade Journal) ("Exceptional Educational Program for Actors")
  • Total Running Time: 10 Hours
  • 8 DVD Volumes (approximately 75 minues each)
  • 60 Information Packed Segments
  • Created and Taught by 100 Distinguished Entertainment Industry Veterans.
  • A total of 2500 years of collective experience, wisdom and insights into the Business Aspects of Acting an Acting Career.
  • Over 40 of these Veterans have won - or been nominated for - Academy®, Emmy®, Golden Globe® and other prestigious Industry Awards.
NOTE: If you are pursuing a professional acting career, the cost of THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY® - 8-VOLUME DVD PROGRAM is a tax deductible Business Expense.