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Actor Feedback



For Making "THE ACTOR'S JOURNEY"® The Number One PROGRAM


"I was relying on luck to make my career happen because I had no idea what I was supposed
to do.  I went from clueless to clued in. Now I know how to proceed and what to do!"
"These DVDs are a virtual guidebook, map and compass on how actors get things
done to launch their careers and obtain work".

"I've now learned that it's not acting and talent that launch careers.
It's knowing what to do on the business side so my talent can eventually
be seen and recognized".

"Cudos!!!  Where were these DVDs 25 years ago when I started?  Amazing what I
still didn't know".

"After watching these DVDs - I got up off the couch and became a 'doer' instead of a 'dreamer'!"
"This is ALL THE INFORMATION I never received from my acting school or acting

"I would always hear that term "The Business of Acting"  I had no idea what that meant.
Now I know... it's pretty deep.  It's a lot more complex than I could have ever imagined"
"All I wanted to do was get in front of camera or up on stage and ACT.
After viewing these DVDs, I now realize the real work of an actor is
NOT acting but knowing how to get a work."

"What I learned will definitely allow me to take charge of my career and get
things done."

"Excuses, excuses, excuses!  After I watched these DVDs - I realized I didn't have
any more excuses to not go after my career".

"These DVDs are like finding the missing "X-FILES" of information for actors!"

"No more waiting around for my Agent to call.  I didn't even
realize I could be pro-active, go out and get my own work".

"What good were all those classes, training and money spent. They
didn't teach me a thing about how the industry works - or how to
get work.  I learned more in 10 hours watching these DVDs than I
did in the past 3 years knocking about and trying to break into
the industry".
"These DVDs really help an actor jump-start his or her career".
"The information on these DVDs are the best defense against all the never-been-in-the-business
"experts" and scammy talent search companies out there."

"It never occurred to me that I was supposed to be responsible for my own career".

"WOW!  The "HOLY GRAIL" of information for actors."